HMML in the News

National and International Media

“Becoming Columba”
By Jon Parrish Peede
Fall 2019
An interview with Father Columba Stewart, 2019 Jefferson Lecturer in the Humanities. Read more.

“A Monk of the Secular Age: An Appreciation”
By Patrick J. Geary
Fall 2019
“The biography of Columba Stewart displayed on the home page of the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library describes his extensive travels through the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, and India in his efforts to help Christian and Muslim communities preserve and digitize their precious medieval and modern manuscripts.” Read more.

“From Saint Benedict to the Hill Museum & Manuscript Library”
By David Skinner
Fall 2019
“As a young man, Benedict of Nursia, born c. 480, was sent to Rome to be educated, but he was appalled by the worldly life of the capital. He withdrew and experimented with hermitism before becoming abbot of a monastery—it went badly. The monks tried to poison him. He narrowly escaped death and established his own monastery, Monte Cassino. Around 530, he devised the manual for monastic life known as the Rule of Benedict. Read more.

“The Monk Who Saved Manuscripts from ISIS”
By Matteo Fagotto
February 23, 2017
Rescuing the world’s most precious antiquities from destruction is a painstaking project – and a Benedictine monk may seem like an unlikely person to lead the charge. Read more.

“From Here to Timbuktu”
By Nell Porter Brown
January-February 2018
How Father Columba Stewart ‘79, a Benedictine monk from Minnesota, came to be hiding in a Timbuktu hotel during a jihadist attack last summer is a story that begins in the fifth century. Read more.

“Virtual Vellum”
By Noelani Kirschner
June 5, 2017
Imagine wanting to examine a rare medieval Islamic manuscript housed deep within a library in Damascus. Now, with the launch of vHMML, you don’t have to book a ticket to Syria. Read more.

“The Next Age of Discovery”
By Alexandria Alter
May 8, 2009
In a 21st-century version of the age of discovery, teams of computer scientists, conservationists and scholars are fanning out across the globe in a race to digitize crumbling literary treasures. Read more.

Regional Media

“Minnesota Monk Columba Stewart Rescues Ancient Manuscripts from Modern Threats”
By Jean Hopfensperger
January 7, 2018
As extremists destroy ancient churches and cultural sites across the Middle East, a Minnesota monk has emerged as a global defender of sacred documents often hidden inside. Read more.